Key Points

Key Points

All of the information you have learned to become a food handler will help you and your family stay healthy, too. Take time to review the key ideas.

1. Wash your hands often, and wash them well.
2. Cool foods quickly.
3. Prevent food poisoning by keeping food out of the "Danger Zone," the temperatures in between 41 F and 135 F
4. Cook food to proper temperatures.
5. Keep food safe from cross contamination with careful storage and sanitizing.
6. Store chemicals for cleaning and pest control away from food utensils and equipment.
7. Keep your workplace clean and safe. This will help keep you safe as well.

What to do if you see something wrong at work

After reading this material, you have learned many things about how to keep food safe. You may see a problem at work, and know that it could lead to someone becoming sick. It is your responsibility to take action! You can:

- Correct it yourself if you are able to.

- Tell your supervisor about it, and together you can take the steps to correct it.

- If the problem persists, you and your supervisor can call the Health Department for suggestions on how to correct it.

Remember, the health of your customers, and in fact their very lives, are in your hands!

YOU can stop food borne illness!!!

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