Imminent Health Hazards

Imminent Health Hazards

If a condition exists which could result in a threat to the public health, the food establishment should voluntarily close and call the Heatlh Department for advice. The establishment can then re-open as soon as the issue has been corrected. If the Health Department inspectors find a condition that threatens the public health, and the establishment is operating, the permit will be suspended for a minimum of 24 hours and a re-inspection fee (currently $500) will be issued. Any of the following conditions are considered imminent health hazards:

1. Lack of potable water

2. Inadequate amount of refrigeration

3. Sewage backup

4. Lack of hot water

5. Extended interruption of electrical power or water source

6. Misuse of poisonous/toxic chemicals

7. On-set of an apparent food borne illness disease outbreak

8. Fire/flood

9. Failure to exclude an infectious employee

In addition, a score of 69 or below on an inspection indicates an overall lack of sanitation and the permit would be suspended.

A non-compliance issue, which is defined as any violation documented on three consecutive inspections, also requires a follow-up inspection and a $500 re-inspection fee is issued.

Operating without a permit can be a serious health risk, resulting in a fine of $1000-$2000 per day of operation.

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